A book for men and women about a courageous, perfectionist pilot, a crew of ten plus one, a vivacious, loving Red Cross nurse, a little orphaned toddler, and the lives of families left behind.

 While performing an extensive research on WWII, McCloud grew to understand that longing, uncertainty and loss was the norm for WWII. Emptiness and dread of the uncontrollable consumed each man. Fear reigned throughout the airfields. No one acknowledged it—for if spoken, it became true. McCloud had to write their story.

The Liberators begins during WWII where protagonist Capt. Andrew Walters embarks on a thirty-month journey and sets out to become an outstanding leader while carrying a lifetime of insecurities from a father’s pushing, shoving and nagging him to be perfect. Now he would become the man his dad could be proud of, a man alone in his secret plight, and his leadership would turn frightened, petrified, ashen boys into men. 

Along the way, the Captain falls in love with a spirited Red Cross Nurse from his hometown. She rescues an orphaned toddler and becomes extremely attached creating multiple problems as a result. The pilot’s family in Fayetteville, NC, suffers tremendously when their son becomes MIA.

 Rarely does a WWII novel deal with the fears of its men or show how the families back home coped by helping their country while their men fought for freedom for all.